Know About You & Your Partner

Once you have found your partner and become part of a couple 
it is only natural you will change as an individual as well.

In a birth chart the individual is represented by the Ascendant. 
Once in a relationship is represented by the Descendant.First find the sign of your Ascendant (rising sign) in your birth chart and then check the 
details shown below. However, you will need your time of birth to get the correct sign.

Free birth charts are available on the web so do a search here for 'free birth chart'

.Ascendant (rising sign)Your Ascendant indicates the personality you show to other people as well as relating to 
your physical body. It shows your external self and how you appear to others as an 
individual. How you feel about yourself is indicated more by your Sun sign.

Descendant  Your Descendant will be the opposite sign to your Ascendant and shows how you relate 
to those around you by what you give to relationships as well as what you get from them. 
It shows your secret inner self and how you form it from your contact with others.

An Aries Ascendant will have a Libra Descendant, a Taurus Ascendant will have a 
Scorpio Descendant etc. So if your Ascendant is Aries then read Aries below to find out 
how others see you as an individual, then read Libra to find how being in a relationship 
changes that appearance of yourself (and to a certain degree how you see yourself).

Aries - bold, adventurous and energetic but often impatient (opposite is Libra) 

Taurus - determined, affectionate and feeling but often stubborn (opposite is Scorpio) 

Gemini - lively, enquiring and talkative but often restless (opposite is Sagittarius)

 Cancer - protective, caring and sensitive but often defensive (opposite is Capricorn) 

Leo - proud, honest and dedicated but often dramatic (opposite is Aquarius) 

Virgo - precise, modest and helpful but often critical (opposite is Pisces)

 Libra - refined, charming and agreeable but often indecisive (opposite is Aries) 

Scorpio - deep, powerful and intense but often cynical (opposite is Taurus) 

Sagittarius - confident, generous and spiritual but often tactless (opposite is Gemini) 

Capricorn - practical, ambitious and disciplined but often selfish (opposite is Cancer) 

Aquarius -  independent, original and humane but often eccentric (opposite is Leo) 

 Pisces - imaginative, changeable and dreamy but often vague (opposite is Virgo)